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12 Days of Christmas Stocking Stuffer Favorites

By :Autumn Grant 0 comments
12 Days of Christmas Stocking Stuffer Favorites
1. Vegan Hot Cocoa Sticks & Cocoa Bombs
vegan hot cocoa vegan hot chocolate bombs
2.Christmas Flower Sage
christmas sage, yule, yule sage, sage, christmas smudge, smudge
3. Gingersnap Soy Candle
gingersnap soy candle, soy candles, gingerbread candles
4. Gnome Place Like Home Bath Bomb
gnome, christmas gnome, gnome bath bombs
5. Peaceful Forest Mineral Salts
bath salts, soaking salts
6. Peppermint Mocha Bar Soap
7. Gingerbread Brulee Bath Bomb
8. Pumpkin Chai Soy Candle
9. Santa Bar Soap
10. All Is Bright Soaking Salts
11. Palo Santo & Sage Shower Steamer Set
12. Oh Christmas Tree Bath Bomb

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