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I'm Autumn Grant and the owner of The Kind Poppy. We're a small yet world famous brand located in Nashville, TN. My boutique offers sustainable fashion, hand-crafted beauty products and clean living alternatives. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date! @thekindpoppy 
I'll try to keep my story brief but there is a full page dedicated to my personal business journey. In short: I was a newly married, fresh out of college, newly transplanted Nashvillian and my whole world was about to crash around me. I received the terrible news, on January 6, 2017, that my father (Poppy) had a medical emergency and wasn't expected to live. My family resides in Southern Illinois and I couldn't visit home as often as I would've liked. I had this crazy idea to start making and selling bath bombs as a fundraiser for my father's medical bills. I'm a licensed cosmetologist with a degree in cosmetology sciences and I thought, "WHY NOT GO FOR IT?!" Fast forward three years and I'm working full time for myself, supporting charities, and working with my favorite celebrities... pinch me!
Here are my Top 12 Tips For Finding Success In Year 2020.
1. Be Authentically You
We live in a highly saturated world where you'll easily find yourself lost in the crowd. I was interviewed by Raw: Natural Born Artist for a feature this summer and the reporter asked me how I overcame a saturated market? That was an amazing question because I often feel lost in the crowd of major retailers and businesses myself. The key is to be authentically you! Nobody else is quite like you and that is beautiful. You will attract a community of like minded people. It's truly amazing to look back and see the unique community and relationships you've created. I'm vegan and live a cruelty-free lifestyle. I created my shop around my values and I attracted a tribe of animal loving, plant-based recipe sharing, and a clean beauty community. I might not have the largest amount of followers but these people are my tribe and you'll create one too - as long as you're authentic! 
2. Find Your Passion
It's important to find what brings you joy and to incorporate that into your field of work. Find what brings you joy and work that into the foundation of your goals. Are you passionate about ocean cleanup? Vibrant non-fading hair color? Sports broadcasting? No passion or topic is off limit - that's what makes you, ''you'' remember? When you incorporate your passions into your work you will notice pure joy ruling through your veins. I've always wanted a career that was enjoyable and one that I was excited about going into work for. If you work alongside your passions your job will be even more rewarding and will keep you grounded.
Here's a picture of my Poppy and I changing the world one bath bomb at a time... he's our miracle!
First craft fair September 2017. :)
3. What's Your One Thing?
I recommend reading The One Thing, by Gary Keller. In summary the book is about finding your one thing and excelling in that area. Take Starbucks for example... Starbucks started selling coffee at a little shop in Seattle, Washington. They became famous for their one thing, coffee, and they made over 4 billion dollars in revenue last year. They took that hole in the wall business and became the world's most recognizable and best selling global coffee company. They started out doing their one thing with so much success that they were able to grow and to expand. Yes, they sell hot teas, sandwiches, and mugs but they are known as a coffee brand. For me, I'm the bath bomb girl. I get called the bath bomb girl by my friends, family, national brands, and strangers - I love it. Being able to excel in one topic builds trust and people will want to work with you because of how educated and vetted you are on that topic. I sell soap, fashion items, and home décor but I will always be the bath bomb girl! I discovered my niche, what is yours?
4. Manifest. Manifest. Manifest.
I'd highly recommend reading The Secret and watching YouTube videos related to The Law of Attraction. ( I recommend The Gem Goddess & Ashley Ducy) The LOA is a way to start your day grateful and goal oriented. When you focus on what you want and believing your goals are already in sight you'll feel more encouraged and willing to get to the top. I like to journal and write my affirmations for the day each morning. I know this might sound hippie to some but choosing to focus on your dreams as if they are already yours will allow your mind to stay focus and present. It's the coolest feeling to look back at your journals or vision boards and see what you've accomolished. You'll truly see your goals manifest in your life. Seriously, go check those YouTube channels out!
5. What's The Worst That Could Happen?
The worst thing that can happen is that they could say, "No''. I started emailing companies, influencers, and celebrities that I wanted to work with. I'd share my story and I'd ask if they would like to collaborate with my brand. I'd either send them products to try, in hopes that they would share them with their following, or I'd ask subscription boxes if they would consider my products for a future box. I emailed Torrey Johnson from GMA Deals and Steals, CauseBox, FabFitFun, Jill's Steals and Deals, Kinder Beauty Box and even OPRAH. I received about a 50% response rate and about a 20% collaboration rate. Honestly, the worst they could say is, "No." It never hurts to ask because they could always say, "Yes." I've had some of the greatest encounters this year all because I broke out of my shell and went for it. I stood by my brand and advocated it until people listened and you should do that too! You are worthy enough to be in Oprah's favorite things!
6. Do Your Research!
I cannot stress this enough! You need to dive so deep into your research that you become an expert in your one thing. YouTube will become your best friend! Read books on business development, focus on time management, look into business license and taxes by city and state regulations. Look into website and logo design, marketing analytics, Instagram trends, lighting and photography staging. Trust me this can seem daunting and incredibly overwhelming. Start with one aspect of your business and continue to grow in it. Look at your competitors and see what they are doing right. Find a way to uniquely make those your own and you'll learn a lot from other business leaders. A true entrepreneur never stops learning! 
7. Prepare For The Downfall
Owning your own business isn't always sunshine and roses. Maybe you have a discouraging spouse or family member. Maybe you haven't had any online sales for two weeks and you're having to find a part-time job. You might not have money in your account to get you to the next level. Maybe you received a lot of "No's" and you feel discouraged. That's normal. It happens to all of us! Keep looking at your vision board and work for you goals even during the hardships. If you give up you will never obtain your goals. From the day you start your business remember that you will have some bad days. Open up those journals, product reviews, and encouraging social media accounts. Get back up and try again... and again.. and again!
8. Don't Give Up
You know J.K. Rowling. One of the most famous authors of our generation. Did you know that she had the idea for her book on a delayed train and jotted her thoughts on a napkin? Did you know she almost gave up, contemplated suicide, and was a poor single mother? She received loads of rejections about a book called, Harry Potter. I bet those publications are regretting that now! She received a yes, sold 450 million copies, and is worth 1 Billion (yes, with a B) dollars. You go J.K. Rowling! 
9. Find Business Tools
Etsy is a wonderful online marketplace and is the first one I started using. They have an incredible Etsy Success program and it's FREE. This is a great resource to learn how online analytics, post engagement, and social media marketing work. I'm also a huge supporter of Vistaprint. You can create business cards, product labels, and design your own logo. They have a support staff that is always happy to help. Shopify is the online marketplace I use for The Kind Poppy. They too have access to analytics, post engagement numbers, and google placement statistics.
Vistaprint Product Label
10. Strategic Marketing
What's your target demographic? The internet is a scary yet useful interactive tool. My target demographic are people ages 24 - 48 living in the United States and the United Kingdom. My brand audience consist of 87% women and 13% men. I highly recommend following Sunny Lenarduzzi. She will teach you everything you need to know!
Research people in your field and look at their performance rates and analytics. Look at your social media analytics in the last year. Take what you found in your competitors research and find a way to implement that into your brand. What photos or topics are getting their most likes or post engagements? What's popping up first in the search feed? Find national day of things, use smart advertising, grow organically and do NOT buy followers... ever!  Plan ahead and know which holidays are coming up, stay up to date on current events and use memes.
Look at my Baby Yoda for example...
11. Support Others
If you want to be supported by the community then you will have to support the community as well. Support your local small businesses and engage with them on social media and send people their way. There is enough food on the table for all of us to eat! We all can be successful especially if you're being authentic. I support everyone but I focus on encouraging women in business to encourage other women. Lets be a society that encourages other women to be successful. Let's root for one another and watch each other grow. - I sell that exact quote on a reusable bag if you're interested. ;)
12. Discover Your Community
No matter where you're at in the world you have a community of creative people and talent. I discovered so many craft shows, conventions, and national events being held here in Nashville, TN. I started setting up at local craft fairs and getting my name out there. That is a free way to build brand exposure. Go to as many local events as possible and grow with your community. You'll attract great customers and being supported by your community gives you respect and trust!
There is no cookie cutter way to be successful. You'll find your own unique way to the top and I hope my tips help you along the way. Let me know what you think in the comments and make sure to connect with me. Always remember to #BEKIND 



Autumn Grant


Owner//Found of The Kind Poppy


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  • I had no idea you had accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I love the Kinder Beauty Box and fell in LOVE with your Rose Bath Bombs. So happy to have found you and your brand.

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  • You go girlie! So happy to see women supporting other women in business.

    Ashley on
  • This is such an inspiring article. Here’s to all of us in 2020!

    Samantha on
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