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The Kind Poppy is in mindbodygreen!!!

By :Autumn Grant 0 comments
The Kind Poppy is in mindbodygreen!!!

When it comes to hair care, coconut oil is a star—and for good reason, too. It has a rich and buttery consistency, making it excellent for naturally moisturizing your strands. Beyond that, coconut oil can support hair growth by keeping your follicles healthy. According to Autumn Grant, licensed cosmetologist and founder of The Kind Poppy, coconut oil has antiseptic properties, which can help create a clean and healthy scalp environment that's ideal for hair growth.

Coconut oil also protects your follicles by filling the space between the strand of hair and follicle wall, stopping surfactants (the active ingredients in shampoos that are cleansing but drying) from entering the actual follicle. This prevents the hair from becoming loose, which would otherwise result in hair loss.

Read the entire article here: 10 Of The Best Natural Oils For Long & Healthy Hair Growth (

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