Vanilla Jasmine Bath Oil

Vanilla Jasmine Bath Oil

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Grounded in her own graceful beauty + peace, jasmine harmonizes our sacral chakra waters.

Her delicate spirit fills us with white light + feminine love. The warm embrace of vanilla reminds us to always notice + feel the love in our lives as it is the natural hum of all existence. She brings lightness to our being + encourages us to make space for pleasure + bliss. Ingredients: organic sunflower oil infused with dried plant materials of organic vanilla bean + organic arabic jasmine flowers. Vitamin E oil as a natural preservative.

4oz bottle.

Suggested use: upon opening the jar, take in the aroma of vanilla + jasmine with 3 deep inhales and exhales. Pour desired amount into warm bath and soak into a relaxed dream state. A little will go a long way, try to keep this in mind while pouring. May also use after bath or shower as a skin softening body oil. Rub where desired.